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Whether you're looking for a personal website to publish your portfolio, looking to advertise and make sales online for your small business or need to redesign your corporate website, Wehi Web Design handles everything for you. 

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We know you value the image you put out into the online world via your website, and we value our work and customer satisfaction. That's why at Wehi we work with you every step of the way. 


Whether you have a current website model that you like, sketches of your ideas or have no idea how you want your website to look, we make sure to cater to your needs. Getting the design right is a critical part of the process, as a good design means a solid foundation to build upon to ensure you are happy with the product that's being produced. 

We provide you with a prototype of your design to give you the chance to see what the finished product will look like. Don't worry if you have no idea where to start, as well as fully customised designs, we also offer a wide range of website templates so you can choose the style you like.


Once the design process is done, our team will go ahead with the implementation of the website. Our biggest concern at Wehi is making you happy, that's why we keep you involved during the implementation phase. We give you updates on how the website is developing and allow you to test it before it's ready to go live should you want to. 

As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction we also work under an agile model, meaning if at any point during the process you change your mind about features or design we're more than happy to revisit your specification and produce the product you really want.

Domain names & hosting

Whatever your needs, we can take care of everything, from hosting, domain names, Google AdWords and more. 


When you're website is up and running we offer a maintenance option to handle anything related to your website. Whether you need designs changed and updated, or want someone to handle your database systems, emails and E-commerce ordering process we have packages for you. 

All you'll ever need to do is continue to run your business as usual, with extra revenue coming in from online orders with no worry. 

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If you want to speak to us about your options visit our Hire Us page. 

The Physical Web - Walk up and interact with anything (including your pets)

The Physical Web is a "new" concept being put into practice by Google. I say "new" because the technology it's using isn't exactly cutting edge, but rather repurposing old technology.

We've all heard of Bluetooth, but the problem with Bluetooth was that it was a killer on battery life. So then comes the emergence of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), a much more viable option. 

So here's the concept, what if you could walk up to any physical object, say a parking meter or your dog and interact with it from your smartphone?
Well that's exactly what the Physical Web is all about. 


How it works

The idea is to have a list of URLs being broadcast by the objects in your environment. Any object can be embedded with a BLE beacon and broadcast content over Bluetooth. Services on your device such as Google Chrome or Nearby Notifications can scan for and display these URLs after passing them through a proxy. 




The possibilities


Technology as versatile as this has the potential to be huge.

Imagine you're parking your car, whip out your phone and can instantly pay for parking right there without having to go to the meter.


What if you lose your dog but they have a BLE beacon on the collar which allows nearby people to link to a URL you can set, with your dog's name, your address and contact information.

This technology has the potential to change the way we interact with the world around us, if you want to know more about The Physical Web, you can visit Google's Github at https://google.github.io/physical-web/

How to get hired as a young person in 2017.

It's 2017, and now more than ever having a website as a young person going into the working world is becoming increasingly more important.

Whether you're in high school or a university graduate, having a website allows you to build your own online presence and market yourself to employers. 

Why Wehi is different - In depth about us.

Wehi Web Design was founded by two Software Engineering students whilst attending Swansea University. What makes us different is our background.

Not only do we specialise in website design in Swansea, we also have years of software engineering under our belts. This means we can cover everything from website design, implementation and maintenance to designing relational databases or even developing software and mobile applications specific to you or your business. 

Unlike other web design businesses we can offer you more than a standard website. We also have backgrounds in web application development as well as software engineering which allows us to create software applications specific to your business or modify your existing software to pull data from the web.

So whether you're looking for a simple website to advertise yourself and your business or need a complex software solution built, Wehi Web Design Swansea covers it all! 

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Is the internet bringing us closer together or further dividing us with fake news?

I recently watched a video by one of my favourite Youtubers, Derek Muller who runs the channel Veritasium. In the video Derek posed the question, in an age where facts are so accessible to everybody, why does fake news spread easier than ever on social networks such as Facebook?

If you'd like to watch the video you can do so by clicking here.

In the video, Derek touches on whether or not the internet has brought us together or further divided us, which I think is an interesting question to ask. We are always being told that the world is more connected than ever due to technological advances, but have you ever thought about if that statement is actually true?

Obviously in the physical sense, yes we are. We now have the ability to video call or instant message family and friends anywhere on the planet, but does that alone make us more connected as a species? 

As any regular internet user will agree with, communities form online from a collection of people with the same interests, ideas and ideologies. An obvious example of this is forum websites such as Reddit. With thousands of subreddits you can find a community that has the same interests or ideas as you whether that be a hobby such as a woodworking community or a religious community, these groups are everywhere. 

But aside from groups that share pictures of cats or have an interest in physics, political and ideological communities also form. 

The hope was that the internet would bring people closer together and increase everybody's tolerance for one another by exposure them to people from a different country, background or way of life. In some cases this is true, but it's not a blanket statement that can be applied to the whole internet. 

With the creation of social media, and formations of communities online there seems to be a phenomena of a more vocal division than ever. Groups of people with opposing ideologies seem to paint the opposing group in as bad a light as possible, often times taking a small fact and snowballing it into something huge, to then share these "facts" and point out to friends how bad the opposing side is.

A perfect example of this phenomena can be seen this year, with the Brexit vote and the U.S. presidential election. People from both sides taking part in the elections tried to discredit the other party in any way possible, and a big part of this was fake news articles circling social media with headlines such as:

“Pope Francis Shocks World, Endorses Donald Trump for President, Releases Statement”


“FBI Agent Suspected in Hilary Email Leaks Found Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide”

Both of which were completely fake, but were shared thousands of times on Facebook and had a massive impact on people's perspective of the other side.

So with these fake news stories further alienating communities across the internet, it begs the question, are we really more connected than ever, or are we being further divided by the spread of fake news?


Using FitBit's API to control household items - Dissertation project overview

It's 2016 and the term "The internet of things" is becoming an evermore noticeable principle. We no longer think of the internet as it once was in the 90s and years 2000s with a single access point of a desktop computer in our homes or even internet cafes. The internet is everywhere, we use our laptops, smartphones, mp3 players, TVs and even watches to connect to the internet, which has led to some incredible possibilities.